Wrong Turn Into Yesterday

by 9Tomorrows

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“Wrong Turn Into Yesterday” is an EP we’ve completed while in the process of creating our upcoming album. We are releasing this in an effort to cushion the impending collision between you (our beloved listeners) and our full-length debut. By the time you have been properly courted we will drop to one knee and beg that you take our album into ownership and, as in any courtship, there will be surprises upon commitment. We hope by that time you will grow fond of our brazen disregard for certain musical conventions. Songs may do weird things, like start out with the sparkle of even light through forgotten pastures and end up in the bouncing bosom of a rave goddess betwixt and between ecstasy and flashing smoke.

Like little drunken elves making massive wooden toys, we mean to make an album the way albums were made when they had great monetary value. Just the other day Steve waited patiently at the console for 3 hours while I duct taped my acoustic guitar inside a pillow case to soften the sound and then tried on 20 or so pairs of shoes to get the right accompanying foot tapping sound. Meanwhile, Dax was trying to wrap his brain around a vocal section after being asked to sound like a mix between Johnny Cash, a muezzin, and the noise a baby rabbit makes flying through the air in the talons of an owl.

Some songs will be free and for others we will have to hold out the binary tin cup. We are confident that you will find value in our music equal to or greater than a double cheeseburger from McDonald’s, which currently holds the world title for the most valuable thing you can buy for a dollar. Those of you who purchase every song will be supporting the album process and will officially become miniature executive producers. We will include all your names on the album if China has a breakthrough in their development of the world’s smallest font...

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released April 7, 2010

All songs written and produced by David Kellogg.
All songs performed by 9Tomorrows.
Recorded by David Kellogg and Stephen Helvig at Droptone Studio in Excelsior, MN. Mastered by Greg Reierson at Rare Form Mastering.
Cover art and digital booklet by Cassie Oakes.
Band photos by Rob Sidenberg.

Dax Young - Lead Vocals
David Kellogg - Guitars, Keyboards, Drums
Stephen Helvig - Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
Jai Bowie - Bass



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9Tomorrows Minneapolis

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Track Name: Insane
if i could have some distance, build up some walls
i could use the resistance, i wouldn't think at all
in a still standing river, so cold you can't feel
i'd cut out my liver, and allow it to heal

*i let my life go down when there ain't no one around
i lead my sights and sounds all the way into the ground
i want to see you but i’m liking the pain
i want to hear you but i must be insane*

i'd let the knife go down, stop looking for answers
it would sink to the ground, by the footprints of dancers
in this place far away, i could go insane
unaware of the day, surrounded by rain
Track Name: Let It Go
fool me once, shame on you, and i was loving true
fool me twice, shame on me, and it was plain to see
you gave me your heart only to break my own
i'm gonna set it down, and let it go

*i'm gonna set it down and let you go
two times you fooled around so i gotta roll
i don't mean to let you down but you gotta know
i'm gonna set it down and let it go*

you look so nice with the rain falling light on your see-through whites
all through the night we made the stars burn bright but in the morning we fight
with all of my might i try to hear your plight but then i realize
your words they lie like broken butterflies, my heart knows right
love should run true as a river goes
it bends and falls but never changes flow

i go through the door and i don't look back
my thoughts move forward and i hold my track
i take it all in and it's a beautiful day
i only think of you in the crooked way
you gave me your heart only to break my own
so i'm gonna set it down and let it go
Track Name: Morning Light
take three drinks and two more pills
and you hope that no one can see you
fill your blood with fearlessness
but you know the mess that you're into

*take my hand, i'll twirl you around
in the mist of the morning light
i'll hold you tight while you're sinking
when it all comes down on you
i'll lift you up and help you through*

go deep down to the wanting sounds
and your thoughts that twist you to using
this time around may you hold your ground
and find the tickle amusing

*take my hand, i'll twirl you around
in the mist of the morning light
i'll hold you tight while you're thinking
that it all comes down on you
i'll lift you up and help you through*
Track Name: Slip On By
i read a story just the other day an ancient play
in it people never die
every moment they just let it slip away
love it lingers like a sigh

*you and i my dear
every time you’re near
i won’t let it slip on by

as we walk the night
in your eye a light
no i won’t let it slip on by*

i watch you lie there as the moonlight trickles through the window pane
casting particles of light
from the sun they hit the moon and then caress your face
and time it bends so i can fight

see the speed of light is fixed but time can change so that’s my game
i hold the moment with all my might
enraptured by your vision i embrace the light it grows to flames
time i cut down with a knife

you awake in the moonlight and suddenly i drop my gaze
you ask if everything’s alright
you smile and slip on clothes, take my hand and lead the way
to go and walk this perfect night
Track Name: Gentle and Sideways
gentle and sideways i turn down my words
cause you were coming my way and it cut me in thirds
and i think most likely you got what i inferred
with the snow falling lightly everything can be heard

*it was childish and mean but i had to see
while the crystals melted off your warm red face
that you were still you, you were still you…*

gentle and sideways you walked away
i said it's my way of playing a game
then you said oh why play when something remains
and i said that's why babe cause i feel the same

gentle and sideways competition ensued
it ended at my place and we discussed all the rules
i started to unlace and unravel my cool
i showed you how i paid from acting a fool

not long ago we found it absurd playing with words
not long ago the snow didn’t fall but melted and stalled
and for all we know it was there all a long empty but strong
and for all we know it can't bend or break and is there when we wake